W.A.S.H. IS A Network of Certified Providers & Community of Support

W.A.S.H. COMMUNITY  is a statewide organization of Recovery/Sober Home and Halfway House providers that provide quality residential recovery services.  


W.A.S.H. exists to connect, educate and elevate sober housing operations across the state of Wisconsin to better serve our clients.  We do that by providing organization, oversight, education, and advocacy for legislation regarding Recovery/Sober Homes. Many State and Private Treatment Facilities, along with the Department of Corrections and the Parole Office work hand in hand with W.A.S.H.; trusting the services that our Recovery/Sober Homes and Halfway Houses provide. 

Uniting for a Better Community

 W.A.S.H. operates for the benefit of the communities we serve. We provide one spoke on the wheel of services seeking to address and reduce Substance Use Disorder, Alcohol Use disorder, and to assist the families affected by them. It is W.A.S.H. 's aim to mainstream the concept of recovery in the community, demystify recovery, and improve the quality of care provided to those affected. We achieve this by providing education, and by collectively engaging our members in defining and promoting ethical standards by which we all agree to operate.  Bi-annual site inspections ensure residents that our Recovery/Sober Homes have the highest safety and service standards. We also actively seek to increase awareness about the value, need, and success of recovery housing programs in our communities.

Our Public Policy platforms advocate for  breaking the stigma of addiction across the state and ensuring fair and equal treatment of those who consider themselves as “in recovery.” Quality Recovery/Sober Homes, such as those registered with W.A.S.H., provide a crucial component  in supporting recovery, health and growth among the individuals’  affected by substance use disorders. W.A.S.H. will advocate for  legislative support and prompt funding  to support our efforts to serve the affected.  We will continue to work with state and local leaders to achieve our goal of a robust sober housing network across the state, inclusive of all people and regions of the state, operating with  fairness and integrity.



Peter Brunzelle

Vice President

Michelle Devine Giese


Ginger Morgan


Sue Madecky